covered their mouths and noses with wet towel s and lowered themselves

covered their mouths and noses with wet towel s and lowered themselves

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If a child has burns, adults must deal with them in the order of “flushing slowly flowing water, taking off clothes, soaking in cold water, covering the wound with a clean towel and sending it to the hospital.”

In the early stage, patients can be relieved by cold compress, and in the later stage, hot water bags or towels can be used to relax the muscles, thus promoting blood circulation and playing a good role in relieving the disease. At the same time, patients also need to stay in bed for a period of time, it is not recommended to get out of bed too early. In addition, patients can also be treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants under the guidance of doctors, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease. In daily life, we need to ensure a reasonable dietary structure, and properly strengthen the exercise of the waist.

Apply sunscreen evenly on exposed parts of the body. This can play a good sunscreen effect. If you get sunburned, you can use towels to wrap ice to relieve sunburned skin. And use more sunscreen skin care products. After going out and going home, the follow-up work should also be done well. Go home to use medical or sun mask to replenish water and repair. Drinking some honey water can effectively prevent sunburn in summer. Prepare sunscreen umbrellas or sun caps before you go out. If the skin is exposed to the sun for a long time, the skin may not only get sunburned, but also cause heatstroke. And it is easy to age ahead of time, so sunscreen is very important. You can make a whitening mask before going to bed to repair suntanned skin during the day. Finally, apply moisturizing products to protect the tender skin.

covered their mouths and noses with wet towel s and lowered themselves

Warm up with a hot towel on your lips before going to bed. This step softens the stratum corneum on the lips and can be better absorbed by subsequent lip care. You can use scrub to rub the lips evenly, massage around the lips with the belly of the fingers can quickly remove the dead skin from the lips, and the lips will be smoother.

Expert tips: when distinguishing the raw materials of towel racks, merchants generally do not allow customers to cut randomly in their appearance to avoid affecting the appearance of the products. At this time, you can choose to cut on the base of the towel rack or the inner wall of the towel bar, so as to achieve the experimental effect without affecting the appearance of the product.

In daily life, the bathroom is not only a place where we go to the toilet and take a bath, but also a place where we often brush our teeth and wash our faces. Many people are used to putting towels and toiletries on the sink. However, this way is easy to keep towels and toiletries in a moist environment, thus breeding a large number of bacteria, which may enter from the mouth or skin tissue the next time you use it, and eventually cause inflammation. Even skin diseases or oral diseases, which also need our attention.

Su Jiajia told reporters that she was in charge of managing a ward of 20 people, and she was particularly worried about one patient, a 50-year-old male patient who had a fever of 40 ℃ and took antipyretic medicine several times, but to no avail. In order to reduce his pain, Su Jiajia thought of a way to cool down physically. When medical resources in the square cabin hospital were scarce, she queued back and forth five or six times, filled the washbasin with hot water over and over again, and applied hot towels to the patients. Su Jiajia once found it difficult to walk because of the water vapor attached to the goggles. But for safety reasons, she did not wipe it with her hands and had to wait for the fog to slowly dissipate.

covered their mouths and noses with wet towel s and lowered themselves

On November 8, the school used the launching ceremony of Fire Safety Education week to educate teachers and students on fire safety. During the recess exercise on the morning of the 9th, the whole school carried out a fire emergency evacuation drill. With a rapid alarm, the teachers and students of the school, according to the pre-determined escape route, covered their mouths and noses with wet towels and lowered themselves to evacuate quickly and orderly. During the exercise, the leaders on duty, head teachers and subject teachers were conscientiously responsible, quickly put in place, seriously dredged, and the whole evacuation process was tense and orderly. After the teachers and students of the school were evacuated to the playground, the leaders in charge of the school gave lectures on fire safety knowledge to all teachers and students. Finally, the use of fire-fighting equipment is introduced by the school safety staff, and the fire scene is simulated on the spot, so that the representatives of teachers and students can put out the fire extinguisher in practice under the guidance of the school security personnel.

In this way, the washed towels will become very soft and clean, and there will be no smell. Remind everyone that our towels must be washed regularly so as not to cause harm to our skin. Friends who think this method is good can try it. If you have better methods and suggestions, you are welcome to leave a message below!